Westview Pho – Traditional Noodle

Westview Pho - Traditional Noodle Soup


Small Bowl—$5.95
Regular Bowl–$8.95
Large Bowl—$9.95
Additional topping–$2.95 Extra broth $1.95 Extra vegetables $2.95 Extra noodles or onions & vinegar $1.95 Additional Seafood topping $3.95

HOUSE SPECIAL—PHO DAT BIET  Slices of eye-round steak, well-done brisket, well done flank, soft tendon, beef tripe and meat balls.

PHO TAI – Slices of eye-round steak

PHO GA – Slices of white meat chicken

PHO BO VIEN – Beef meat balls

PHO SEAFOOD – Shrimp, squid, scallop, fish ball and crab meat. $9.95(R) $10.95(L)

PHO RAU CAI – Tofu and assorted vegetables.

MAHER’S PHO – Chicken pho with additional vegetables added, less noodles and no white onions. 

SPICY BEEF SOUP- BUN BO HUE Eye round steak, slices of beef shank and pork patty; served with round rice noodles in a flavorful spicy broth. $10.95(L)